Retro Style Dining Table Set with 1 Extendable Table 4 Upholstered Chairs Natural Wood Wash



Product Type Combo Item
Product Name  Functional Furniture Retro Style Dining Table Set with Extendable Table and 4 Upholstered Chairs for Dining Room and Living Room(Natural Wood Wash)
Place of Origin Viet Nam
Main Color Natural Wood Wash
Main Material Solid Wood
Product Dimensions
Assembled Length (in.) Not Applicable
Assembled Width (in.) Not Applicable
Assembled Height (in.) Not Applicable
Weight (lbs) Not Applicable
Package Size
Sub-item 1: WF298830AAE Package Quantity: 1 39.76 * 18.31 * 23.62 inches 77.16 lbs
Sub-item 2: WF298829AAE Package Quantity: 1 45.28 * 45.28 * 10.04 inches 105.82 lbs

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